Host an outdoor event

Host an outdoor event at Mill River Park.

With beautiful natural views and a central location in downtown Stamford, Mill River Park is the perfect venue for your private party or corporate or community event. Expand your options by renting the Brownstein / Selkowitz Carousel Pavilion and reserving adjacent tent space; or reserve green space elsewhere in the park. To get started, apply for a permit today and our event coordinators will reach out to you. A non-refundable $25 fee is due for all permit applications.

Please note, written proposals are required for large-scale events (250+ guests and/or activities that are open to the public), and must be submitted at least 90 days in advance. Learn more.

FAQs & Event Policies

Please fill out our permit application form for any of the following:

  • A group activity involving 25+ people
  • A planned activity for which setup is required, and/or specific space within the Park must be reserved
  • A wedding ceremony
  • A special event that will be open to the public, including (but not limited to): a performance, concert, fair, meeting, assembly, contest, exhibit, ceremony, parade or reading

In addition to applying for a permit, you also need to submit a proposal for any event at which:

  • Attendance is expected to exceed 250 guests
  • Any type of platform, stage, or structure will be erected
  • Pedestrian paths will be impacted
  • A product, service, organization, etc. is being promoted
  • Press participation is planned

An event insurance policy or certificate of additional insured is required for all events, naming Mill River Park Collaborative and the City of Stamford as the insured.

  • A $25 non-refundable application fee is due for all permit applications. (Please note, submitting an application does not guarantee you will be granted a permit.)
  • If approved, additional site fees will be assessed based on the nature of your event.
    • $500 per day for events of up to 250 people, with no closure of park sections
    • $2,500 per day if closure of park sections is required or equipment is brought in
    • Rate varies for events of 250+ people, depending on size & type of activity
  • Site fees are not refundable; however, your event may be rescheduled within the calendar year pending availability.
  • Site and permit fees are applied to the park’s maintenance costs and horticultural upkeep.

Are there any other costs for an outdoor event?

  • A minimum $750 cleaning bond may be required. (Bond may be higher depending on size/type of activity).
    • A $250 charge per person/per day applies if park staff have to clean up after an event.
    • Security bonds are refundable if participants/organizers comply in full with park rules and regulations.

The following restrictions apply for event permits:

  • Permits will not be granted on holidays or holiday weekends.
  • Permits are not available for the Grand Steps.
  • Permits are not available for outside fundraising purposes.
  • Balloons are not allowed in Mill River Park.
  • PLEASE NOTE: we do not allow tents or canopies, amplified sound, generators and inflatable structures for small events without a written event proposal.
Mill River Park invites people from all walks of life to enjoy the lush landscapes and many other amenities that the park has to offer. We embrace the celebration of holidays with both cultural and religious significance as a valuable way for the community to appreciate and understand the traditions of diverse cultures and religions.

However, we request that groups of 25+ people wishing to celebrate in any of the spaces on Park grounds obtain prior approval and permits from the Collaborative, for the safety and comfort of both attendees and the everyday Park patrons who also share the space.

While we will allow public and private events in the Park with prior approval, we will NOT allow the dissemination of any kind of pamphlets or flyers to Park patrons, nor any amplified speaking instruments like microphones or megaphones to address passerby.

A private benefit fundraiser can be held on Park grounds as long as the event goes through the Park’s standard event rental and permitting processes.