Mill River Park Native Plant Nursery

Welcome to the launch of The Mill River Park Native Plant Nursery!

We are excited to announce that we are specializing in the cultivation and sale of culturally useful, locally native plants, and that the profits from these sales will go towards supporting ongoing conservation work at the park.

Our hope is that the nursery will serve as a hub for providing the tools and educational resources to help park visitors heal local ecosystems, both here and at home. Through this effort we hope to build on the success of rallying our local community around the benefits of restoring our shared greenspace downtown as we continue the discussion about taking personal responsibility for restoring the environment in our own backyards.

We each can have an impact – right at home – on preserving pollinators, improving climate change resilience, and increasing access to healthy local food.

We are joining a worldwide evolution in awareness of the inherent human interconnectedness with our local ecosystems and the historic stewardship role that we have always played on this planet. Through this experience we take part in healing our ecosystems not just for the survival of pollinators, but for the holistic health of the human, natural and even economic systems that surround us.

Thank you for stopping by, shopping with us or just taking the time to learn about our work. We hope you are inspired to do your part to make the planet just a little healthier where you live.

Below are links to learn more about the plants that we are beginning to cultivate and sell at our nursery. As we start up, our  inventory is relatively small but diverse so the links below are not meant to reflect our active offerings as much as they are reference pieces to give you more background about the value of – and practical skills of native plant gardening.

Happy Gardening!

Native Foods

  1. Forager Chef