Board of Directors

The Mill River Park Collaborative Board of Directors brings together leaders from diverse sectors to support the growth of a vibrant park.

As a public-private partnership, Mill River Park Collaborative’s Board of Directors includes representation from the City of Stamford; Stamford Partnership; Downtown Special Services District; the West Side and Downtown communities; Urban Redevelopment Commission; the corporate community; and Stamford at large. These local leaders bring a wealth of knowledge, energy and commitment to realizing the vision of creating and sustaining a world-class park in Stamford.

Thank you to our Board of Directors:

Arthur Selkowitz, Chairman
Arnold M. Karp, Vice Chair
Fatima Mawji, MD, Vice Chair
Robert Granata, Treasurer
Don Brownstein, Secretary

Ralph Blessing
George Boyce
Bonnie Campbell
Kathryn Corbally
Keegan Drenosky
Emily M. Gordon
Robin Graham
Conor Horigan
David Kooris
Noah Lapine
Frank Mercede
Loren Nadres

Shelly Nichani
Matt Quinones
Ryan Salvatore
J.J. Sendelbach
Jim Shapiro
Camille S. Spaulding
Adam Whittingham
Jon Winkel
Jennifer Young
Fabrizio Zichichi
Nate Zubal

Nette Compton, President & CEO