PRELUDE – A Light-Art Installation

Illuminated natural landscapes built to inspire.

From January 25 through 28, this free-to-the-public walk-through light installation by world-renowned light artist, Kari Kola, set minds ablaze with inspiring illuminations.

Located on the West Side of Mill River Park, across the street from the Hampton Inn at 26 Mill River Street, this brilliant spectacle was an unforgettable experience. Thousands of Park visitors strolled down the path along the Mill River, pausing to enjoy the slow, contemplative music and taking notice of how the lights installed among the dormant riverbed gardens highlighted the stark beauty of nature in midwinter.

As an artist marking his first venture in the U.S., Kari Kola’s “Prelude” symbolized a fresh chapter in his artistic journey with Community Curator Fernando Luis Alvarez of Alvarez Gallery. This piece embodied Mill River Park’s bold foray into modern visual art, and also served as a beacon, using light to connect communities—bringing together Stamford’s West Side and the downtown area.

After taking in the beauty of this unique light installation, visitors skated at Mill River Park’s Cohen Skating Center, rode the Carousel at the Brownstein | Selkowitz Carousel Pavilion, or took your pick of restaurants within walking distance of the Park!