The Situation

Stamford is quickly changing with an influx of new dog owners requiring access to enriching open spaces and prime exercise opportunities for their canines. There are 2 proposed locations for the future Mill River Dog Park and our goal now is to solicit opinions to best accommodate the Stamford Dog community to connect both the Downtown and Harbor Point Neighborhoods.

We need you to share your opinion.

The Purpose

To provide Stamford Downtown and Harbor Point residents with a safe, activated, and well-maintained site to exercise their pups while connecting to the growing dog community. Dog Parks can be a vital amenity for neighborhoods helping to curb pet waste and illegal off-leash dogs in unintended areas.

The Vision

The Project

The story of Mill River Park & Greenway goes back to Stamford’s first Master Plan in 1928 which called for a central park in the heart of Stamford along the banks of the Mill River.

Nothing much was done until 2002 when the Mill River Park Collaborative, a 501C3 non-profit corporation was formed to create and sustain a world-class park in the Mill River Corridor under contract with the City.

Stamford downtown plan historical photo

The first phase of the Park, 12 acres in the heart of the downtown, was completed in 2013, and other phases of the greenway are in development and construction. The ultimate goal is to have a greenway extending from Scalzi Park in the north to the tip of Stamford Harbor in the south.

Mill River Park Greenway

In 2019 as part of a plan to activate an undeveloped portion of the main section of the Park, a pop-up dog park was created to test the popularity of a dog park in Mill River Park. The temporary park has proven very popular with downtown dog owners who lack open space in the downtown area to exercise their dogs.

Because the dog park is temporary, it is very basic and has provided a learning curve for what makes for a safe and successful dog park.

The temporary dog park has proven to be very popular, and the more recent significant increase in the dog population in the Downtown and Harbor Point neighborhoods suggests that there is definite demand for a permanent dog park within the environs of Mill River Park and Greenway.

Two sites have been identified for a permanent location. The goal now is to solicit opinions on which of the sites would best accommodate the most dog owners in the Downtown and Harbor Point Neighborhoods and what the essential features and best practices of a permanent dog park should be.

Dog Park Site Options

Take the Survey

Help choose between two locations along the river. Your input is vital to the success of this project so we can create a space that your dogs (and you) will enjoy for years to come!

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Nia Rhodes Jackson


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